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CERT leaders across the Nation and FEMA Individual Community Preparedness Division staff started a conversation regarding the state of the CERT program nationwide, including its strengths and weaknesses. Part of this conversation included the idea of creating a nationwide committee that would support communication and resource sharing amongst CERT programs across the US. During the 2018 National CERT Conference in Naples, Florida, over 20 CERT leaders across the nation met to continue this conversation. Shortly after this meeting, FEMA leadership had approved the concept of working with a CERT association. A few meetings later, a concept design for the National CERT Association was created.
The concept called for a leadership board that represented CERT programs across the US. Splitting the US into ten regions, two board members were selected from each region. These 20 board members finalized the concept for the National CERT Association and the official NCA charter was approved on September 12, 2019 during the Florida State CERT Conference.
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