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To promote resiliency through preparedness, response, and recovery by incorporating best practices and sharing resources to empower trained volunteers in our communities.

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National CERT Association


The NCA was created in 2019 with the intent to strengthen the CERT program throughout the US and internationally. Working in concert with FEMA, the NCA will leverage the strength and experience of CERT programs nationwide to share guidance and best practices as well as build more robust communication channels so that CERT programs can connect with each other more efficiently.

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"The National CERT Association (NCA) will help emergency managers harness the power of volunteers before, during and after disasters. NCA will increase the awareness of CERT capabilities through communication, cooperation, and education. FEMA looks forward to partnering with the NCA to help build a culture of preparedness throughout the nation.”

– Dr. Natalie Enclade, Ex-Director

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Communicate and learn from CERT leaders across the US

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Anyone who wishes to support the National CERT Association may join the NCA as a general member. There is a recurring annual membership fee of $25 plus a $2.95 credit card processing fee.

National CERT Association Partnerships

The NCA has partnered with Merit to use their technology platform, free to use, to track NCA membership and activity.

Merit has been a support of CERT for several years now, offering their platform as a free tool for all CERT programs. Merit has sponsored the 2018 National CERT Conference in Florida as well as the two state conferences in both Florida and California in 2019. Merit will once again be the title sponsor for the 2020 National CERT Conference in Missouri.

ProPac USA sells a lot of preparedness equipment and supplies and a huge assortment of CERT and MRC items. ProPac has agreed to give all CERT programs and MRC programs a 5% discount on all CERT products and MRC products. In addition, ProPac will give a quarterly donation to the NCA equal to 5% of the CERT and MRC items sold when you mention NCA.

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