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The National CERT Association (NCA) is a new organization created by CERT Leaders across the US in partnership with FEMA.

The National CERT Association (NCA) was officially established on September 12, 2019. The National CERT Association is a non-profit organization, conceived and established to support communication and resource sharing across the CERT community. Established on September 12, 2019, the NCA leadership includes CERT leaders across the US.

— Promote Resiliency —

Our Mission

“To empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to promote resiliency in their community through preparedness, response, and recovery. We’re to ensure that you are ready to join your local Police and Firefighters in managing all levels of emergencies.”

Our Vision

That every community feels prepared for all crises that may threaten their way of life. That they may not only be prepared but ready to rebuild by learning through our unparalleled Emergency Management training.

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